Is Nordstrom Reading This?

Is Nordstrom reading my blog?  This is the ad I have in my feed on Facebook.  Either the woman has a Betty Big Belly or she’s pregnant.  Both things I talk about in my blog.  How do they know what my belly looks like?Freaky picture, doesn’t say “maternity”.

Nordstrom Ad

To Be Me or Not To Be Me?

Yesterday, for the first time, I posted something somewhat political on Facebook.  I don’t post political things since it can create a shit storm but I was really miffed (one of my mother’s words) about this particular fact that wasn’t being picked up by any media except for little article in the New York Times.  It made me uncomfortable, and in the end, I’m glad I did it.

But this isn’t the point of this blog.  Viper Tongue suggested I start a new blog and write it under a pseudonym.  Then, I could “let it rip” as she and my teacher and classmate in my Gotham writing class said I should do.  I would have so much more blog fodder!  I always have to be careful of what I say and how I say it due to my circumstances of being a trophy wife (please insert laugh here) and a mom, which sometimes takes the fun out of things.    They say I would be a lot funnier if I could write how I talk and say how I feel (how I talk depends on my audience at this point, still.)   Please oh please retirement for Marty hurry up and let my kids not be embarrassed by me so I can be myself!  My therapist that I went to eight years ago* said to me, “Who is Sarah Berardi?”  I said, “Oh, there can’t be a Sarah Berardi…yet.”

Watch for my new blog, I’ll look like this: woman with bag over head

*No, brother Mike, I do not currently see a therapist, cuz I’m friggity-frack fixed.  Can’t you tell?